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The Hospitality sector is one of the most demanding areas of business. With hotel standards subject to constant scrutiny its imperative that you have nothing less than the best when it comes to your hotel security. As a sector which relies heavily on reputation alone just one lapse in your security could have a detrimental efect on you status and therefore your future business.

Hotel Security

This is why Cabot Security puts your business first,with our hotel security services we provide your guests with the comfort,customer service and protection they expect.

With the opportunity for crime often more apparent surroundings hotel premises considering many are located in thriving city centres,criminals won’t be afraid to capitalise on you guests property if you have insufficient security in place. From the protection of you guest’s belongings to car park patrols to deviate car theft,all of our highly trained and licensed hotel security quards are equipped to combat these threats.

Delivering not only a proactive and efficient solution our hotel security staff put customer service in the forefront of their presence. In addition to keeping your guests safe we know it’s paramount that we offer and a warm face to each and every one of your guests. This combined with a helpful and approachable persona means that our security officers are so much more than a regular guard.

We can be the front of house you need to make that right first impression and can even intergate a whole host of extra services tailored to you needs so you can make the most out of our time.